Stars in our Lives

As July becomes August 2021 tomorrow, we are more than half way through another turbulent, transformative year.

This weekend, there is a “superior conjunction” between the Sun & Mercury in Leo. I love to look at and explore the symbolism and imagery around important energetic shifts and often go to Sabian symbols interpretations for insight. (Sabian symbols are images for each degree of the zodiac originally by the astrologer Dane Rudhyar)

The Sabian symbol for Leo 10 is “Early morning dew salutes the sunlight”

This suggests, the return of the morning light after a long night of restlessly dreaming and testing our strength and faith in nightmares and dark dives into the subconscious. Rudhyar uses the key word: Transfiguration

We seem to be at a peak of darkness and difficulty, climate change, heat, wildfire smoke, torrential rains, flooding, corona delta variant rising, continuing revelations of corruption and criminality, of polarization and conflict. The questions become: How to BE with all of this turbulence? How to find and express our uniqueness, our individuality and see our place in the energetics of society? How to live the Aquarian paradox of sovereignty and freedom and at the same time contribute to the well being of the collective? How can we fulfill our purpose to express ourSelves completely and to include all of our interconnections?

We must (not we have to or should) go deep and wide. We must make choices from a holistic spiritual space rather than a fragmented one. we must release our attachments to control, to past patterns that are no longer life affirming. We must be who we are in this moment in time, vulnerable human beings and magnificent powerful souls – Both, together, Now!

Blessings, Cynthia

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Spring’s Mandala of Renewal

Yesterday, after having my family over for brunch, the first time in a year plus; I began thinking of circles and cycles. of Returns. What does it mean for each of us, for all of us to come full circle? From one Spring to the next -from one level of awareness to the next? (which includes and goes beyond the level before.)

Each one of us experiences our own circles, of course and we also have collective ones. Sometimes, we just feel or experience ups and downs, highs and lows rather than the movement of cycles. Like DNA spirals -everything is included – vulnerabilities and strengths, even rather neutral pieces of our makeup as human beings. All in constant movement and progression leading to evolution!

And so, as Spring arrives, we circle around and within ourSelves. Feeling this one year of great change, pandemic year of transformation and transmutation. A year of living in a different way. Each circle brings new choices. Do we try to control, to regain what has been lost? to go back to something already antiquated? do we stand still? hoping to suspend the movement; the e-motion? do we fixate, hold on to or try far too hard to be somewhere other than where we actually are? do we find freedom and trepidation in the revivification of life? do we take new risks for new possible rewards?

Lots of questions to wend our way into currently unknown answers.

Today, the Sun enters the sign Taurus, Earth’s rebirth, Earth Day coming up, the return of green in the Northern climes on this blue pearl of a planet, a circle of life, a mandala of light!

Spring blessings. Cynthia

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the enlightening energies of Aquarius 2

Today is the day -six planets in Aquarius elemental energy!

Since I have my Moon in Aquarius in the 11th house of collective groups, I would like to share a possible roadmap.

Thinking in terms of the past, present and future honors our wholistic nature.

Here are some thoughts to get started:

let the past be in the past – be fully invested in the present – open to the future

relinquish past patterns – participate & commit to Now – envision what’s to come

surrender all manipulation & control – engage in the moment – look beyond this day

cherish past memories – experience stillness – create with imagination

know who you have been – know who you are – be excited about who you are becoming

Many blessings, Cynthia

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The enlightening energies of Aquarius

Greetings! It’s been a long time since my last blogpost!

We have all completed an extremely difficult transformative year of our lives.

And now we have entered new, unknown or what can also be thought of as uncharted territory.

I looked at my last post in 2016 (check it out) and realized that everything (and more) that I wrote about then is applicable to what we are experiencing now. (the amazing timelessness of our wisdom) Perhaps the main difference between then and now is that, then it was more singular and personal. Now, of course, it is both personal and universal. That is Aquarian energy, air, innovation, humanitarian, inclusive. I remembered this morning that my grandson, a major Aquarius, would always interact with everyone present in a focused way, even when he was very small. He would also want everyone to participate in the great ideas that he constantly came up with. Aquarius, enthusiastic and excited about Life and possibilities and sharing with everyone!

We find ourselves this week with a new moon on Feb 11, connecting to the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury retrograde all in the elemental energies of Aquarius. We have a myriad of possibilities to choose from, many that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Where will you focus your amazing powerful agency?

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May we?


It has been a long time since I’ve posted and I know some have wondered why. News and views from the external world have been quite full of shadow and I haven’t wished to weigh in on the dark vs.light debate.

Instead, I have wanted to write about the present and about what is working and evolving. About what is foundational and strong and inclusive. We have lived with a dominant problem-solving and dualistic reality.  And while I have always abhorred violence and the cruelty of people toward one another and other living things, I recognize that one cannot solve our problems and issues by excluding or eliminating or banishing our dark impulses, habits and/or addictions. Instead, we must choose to acknowledge everything as it is in the present. Especially with the darker energies and fears of the past, we must discover the usefulness of these wounding experiences in our lives and then focus on what is now and what is transforming. Spring, Rebirth, Renaissance. A celebration of our collective creative genius and how imagination and vision might revitalize our lives and the world.

It is the last day of May and it seems that May has highlighted the transition from one season to another, of the physical plane, the mental/emotional plane and the spiritual plane.  A choice point, if you will.  The movement toward a more fluid, simultaneous reality.  No concrete right or wrong, although right and wrong continue to exist. Just a greater sense of how things manifest. Through sensation, thought, emotion, intention and vibration.

We leave behind, if we so choose, the strange, familiar certainty of setting a goal and then either attaining it or not; success or failure.  The control of identifying with either having our way or not. Now, as ever, there are many possible paths; spiritual tributaries you might say.  And our identity comes from within and the choices we make to express ourselves, as it in truth always has.

There are no quote unquote wrong choices or focuses, just awareness and energy. As we move into June, are you choosing from deep within? from who you know you are or from external pressures?  Are you flowing with life or still experimenting with rigidity? Are you appreciating what comes to you from your decisions or letting your ego remain frustrated and self-righteous? Are you full of gratitude for the tenuous and precious life you have or longing for something to happen that will change everything?

Be well, be happy, enjoy the beauty of new beginnings,        Cynthia


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giving thanks


Full moon in Gemini today, sun in Sagittarius with a Neptune/Saturn square following tomorrow.  Questions, revisions, balances and blends of inner and outer reality.  Light and shadow in a new synergy.

My husband and I saw an amazing performance last night by The Rose Ensemble, “The Last Queen of Hawai’i”.  In Hawaiian shirts, feet bare, the ensemble of singers spoke and sang in incredible harmonies of the ‘aloha’ spirit and the very beautiful and sad history of the native people. The music is incredibly soothing to the heart, emotional, deep and with a rare simplicity.  I was reminded in yet another way of the human spirit and our spiritual heritage, that includes this mix of wounding and grace. We are reclaiming the circle of life now by including everything in a new configuration.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I find mySelf in profound gratitude for all of life, its peaks and valleys and fresh awarenesses.  It is true also, that unless one can appreciate oneSelf, then it is ever so difficult to love one another.  So I ask you for this holiday to explore your thanks for being you. What might gratitude for your own life, flaws and all feel like? look like? be like?

I know I love how much each of you share with me on this spiritual earth journey and I see a radiant glow in each of you!  Thank you. Thank you.

Namaste,  Cynthia


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Make a Wish

Hello again,

Thinking a lot about shadow and light in these Scorpio days of November.  Today, on 11:11 with a new moon in scorpio, it seems especially important to honor the gestalt of these seeming opposites and these amazing days.

My daughter used to always say when the time turned to 11:11 a.m. (or p.m. for that matter) “11:11 make a wish!” and we would stop and make one, expressing our current desires and setting an intention.  When asked where she had learned this, she said it just came to her. (one of those mystical universal truths)

Part of this time energetically is about paying attention, about being fully present, about being real, about allowing the deep distance of our emotional fears, habits and patterns to lessen. To rise up into the light.  Scorpio energy goes into the secretive emotional depths, as we have all experienced in the last three years when Saturn was in Scorpio.  Now, Saturn is in Sagittarius and instead, we get an updated look at our long-held beliefs and how they give shape to our lives.  It is challenging to let old pain patterns and coping mechanisms re-emerge now, the old wounds, the vulnerabilities and it is so vital to give them the space, the acceptance, the inclusion in our lives.

My husband and I walked to the Minnesota river along nine mile creek a couple of days ago, enjoying this unusually warm weather in November in our state.  Down the many steps from the road to the valley area and the running water, there are lots of dark spaces and light filtering through most of the leafless trees.  The sun is low in the sky now, so it is sometimes below the cliffs, the valley in almost total shade.  It is 50-60 degrees out  and the yellow leaves shimmer gold in the sunlight against the blackish branches of bare trees.  As we walk, it is too cold in the darker spaces and too warm in the brighter ones.  And then, in the fusion of sun and shadow, it is just right!

Enjoy this exquisite mix of energies and it’s 11:11, so make a wish!

Blessings,  Cynthia

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Summer’s sweetspot

June – A time to get re-acquainted with the sweet spot within.

June – Sometimes considered a portal or gateway to the inner realms and the time of the most illumination, the brightest light!

June – Easy living, vacations, some days with ‘nothing to do’, relaxation.

June – The month of the summer solstice.

June – The first month of the transition between the end of the exact Uranus/Pluto squares in March and new forward movement in the fall. Currently, Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn and Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius.  Saturn will be revisiting Scorpio from mid-June until September, when both Pluto and Saturn move forward once again. And Neptune in Pisces is retrograde June 17 to highlight this period with intuitive inspiration.

June – A perfect time to do a retrospective of the last three years of our lives…like an artist picking and choosing which art pieces are most representational and expressive of everything that they have created.  So, Sift and sort through what has changed and transformed in you.  What do you want to remember from these intense times? what do you want to release?

June – A review period of where we’ve been, what we’ve believed and experienced and who we are now. A shift in identity, status, and awareness, like new graduates who have the summer to reorganize and prepare for what’s to come.

June – Honor the reconnection to the beauty of nature and the freedom to be your Self!
Be grounded and centered in who you are now.  Lead with your spiritual identity, that sweet spot of you!

Have a wonderful summer! Cynthia

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Fresh Beginnings


And Congratulations!  You have passed your Uranus/Pluto square final exam and are headed toward a wonderful graduation ceremony tomorrow!  ( or, if you haven’t passed or have delayed, another chance always awaits).  The seventh square was exact on March 16 and both Uranus and Pluto are in forward motion now, unlike the last 6 squares where one or the other was retrograde. (Hence the two steps forward, one back phenomenon we have experienced since 2012).  These years have been full of powerful energies, akin to years of focused attention to attain a goal and then completing the course of study.  Think about all that has transformed for you since 2012 and all that has shifted in the world at large.

Celebrate tomorrow, March 20!  It is quite an event; Spring equinox, Super new moon, and a total solar eclipse!  The sun has been very active in the last week;  the earth being bombarded with a large solar storm, solar  flares and coronal ejections.  Lots of electromagnetic activity which   can have a disruptive and change-filled effect on all of us and our nervous systems. (Just in case the intense inner energies weren’t enough to awaken  us).

Enjoy all of this, the divine flow joining with the human flow in newly creative expressions.  Appreciate the expectancy of new possibilities, the refreshment of Spring and rebirth.  And  know that even though Spring always follows Winter, it is always the same and it is always unique.  Respect the mix of elements and energies, so different from old linear reality.   Try integration, include everything without judgement.  Be open, aware, and present to a new reality.  Be curious about the unknown  and the effect of your creative choices.  Breathe a sigh of relief for emerging from  an extremely intense period and be ready to apply what you’ve learned and to treasure all that comes to pass.

Love and light,   Cynthia




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lustrous unconventional wisdom

February Greetings!

I am choosing to do something different with this blogpost due to the creative expansiveness that we are all experiencing in different parts of our lives.

My idea is to intuit different phrases, thoughts, bonne- mots, wise awarenesses, etc. and just to write them down for you as they come.

This afternoon we will have a ‘Black Moon’ the second new moon in Aquarius this year and Aquarius energy loves to be free and imaginative!  And, as we are a month away from the last Uranus/Pluto square #7, exact on March 16/17,  we are nearing the peak of an initiatory and transformative experience.  Plenty has been written about this  and I am certain there will be much more.  My sense has always been that as we have moved through the squares starting in 2012, the kundalini or life force energy in our bodies has been rising through the chakras.  The seventh chakra is our connection to the divine, our spirit, which is why this is such a creative and powerful time.

That’s the background, on to the imaginings!

It’s Time to decipher the secret code that you and the universe created exclusively for your life experience.

Allow your deepest well of emotional awareness to infuse your inner knowing with it’s radiance!

Recognize that everyone in this dream of your life represents a facet of  the multidimensionality of who you are (Carl Jung – everyone in the dream is you) and appreciate the fullness of who you really are and what you are expressing.

Imagine and Create and Honor the choices you have already made in your life as part of your ever-evolving creative and evolutionary process.

Be very very curious about what is unfolding even if you are frightened by the unknown.

Life and energy and experience are very mixed; there truly is a multitude of possibilities for each and everyone of us.  We are no longer constrained by a dualistic mind set.  This is both liberating and disconcerting; desirable and enervating.  Enjoy it, the fear and the excitement!

It is extremely difficult to change unless we are either in complete despair or in the still point of really listening to ourselves; to what we truly want at our essence.  Remember the clarity of your knowing and trust it.

When we are free and responsible for ourSelves, choices and repercussions, our lives, we observe that everything always works,  just as it is.

As we shift our perspective about who we are, from reacting to externals to observation;  we create simply and beautifully and there are innovative solutions to every issue or problem.

Be well, Be You, many blessings,   Cynthia

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